At Mears Marina

We’re in Eastport and as of this morning we weren’t sure we were going to stay here for a month. I thought it was too far to walk to Annapolis from looking at the map. While the marina has some nice features, the “slip” consists of six posts and a short, narrow plank to walk on from your boat. Our boat has less than a foot clearance on each side of the posts making it very tight quarters.

I started to become swayed when we walked up to the open pavilion. They had a large plasma TV tuned to the weather channel. I was already thinking MNF Packer game against the Bears next week. They provided a Sunday continental breakfast with bagels, pastries, fruit, salmon with juices and coffee. (Okay, I’m closer to forgetting about the poor slip.)

We walked down sixth street and over the Compromise Bridge in about ten minutes. It turned out to be just a ncie walk into Annapolis. The first thing you notice is there are nothing but boats, boats and more boats. I’ve never seen so many boats. Most are sail but there are a few huge power boats.

Everyone has a dog. There are all kinds of dogs out walking their masters and many business cater to dogs with little treats and doggie bowls outside. There’s a couple of doggie stores and doggie shops where owners drink coffee while their dog is combed or bathed. Sounds kind of foo-foo but most dogs are working-class dogs and Riley fit right in. The other apparent thing about Annapolis is that everything is clean and well manicured. The cobblestone and brick streets look washed – not the dirty European look. Annapolis is a picturesque town.

There is a lot of history in Annapolis of which I picked up a little while reading a few placards. It’s an old city from the mid 1600’s but was renamed Annapolis for Princess Anne (soon to be queen of England). The city was incorporated in 1708. It’s the capital of Maryland and for awhile was the nation’s capital.

It became the hub of the slave trade, later was a fishing town before becoming the sailing capital. Most of the people are middle class government workers although there are some very wealthy homes with Porsche’s parked in the driveway.

We decided to stay here for a month and paid our rent. They did give us a pretty fair deal and this marina looks like it has the best facilities of all the other places we looked at while walking around. In case you’re wondering, the normal rate per foot in Annapolis is $3 to $4 per night. That would be $93 to $124 per night for Talisman. It’s impossible to get anything during the boat show (see US Sailboat Show) as slips are booked way in advance. We’re lucky our boat isn’t any bigger or we couldn’t stay here either but they had a 10 foot width well available (our old boat was over eleven feet wide as are most newer sailboats).

Today I’m going to make arrangements to have all our US Mail from the last six weeks sent to us via UPS and start making calls to some of the diesel mechanics to see what they have to say about my oil leak.

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